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LHS Collects Pennies for Patients

Post Date:03/03/2017 1:46 PM

LHS Pennies for patients 1

LHS Collects Pennies for Patients

Submitted by Chase Hayes
Community Outreach Intern

Through the week of February 28th through March 3rd, Lathrop High school has been collecting money for the Leukemia foundation, “Pennies for Patients.”

Boxes have been distributed to each class room and a competition has been put in place to encourage students to collectively work together to raise the most money. Each day, the leadership class has prepared different activities for students to participate in, making Pennies for Patients week more than just coins in a box and truly engaging student awareness.

LHS Pennies for patients 2Beginning on Monday and Tuesday, “The Giving Tree” went up in the cafeteria. The tree grasped student’s attention and when students donated, in return they were given either a leaf or heart to write special note and place on the tree. From the start of the week, the tree was bare, and by Friday, it was as if Spring had come around because the tree had blossomed with kind notes.

Wednesday, the leadership class woke up extra early to stand in front of both parking lots in efforts to empty out student and parent drivers’ consoles. With Leonidas dancing with the sign, within 30 minutes, the leadership students collected over $135.00.

A kiddie-pool was setup during lunch on Thursday as a coin toss. With cups placed in the middle, students attempted to bounce their coins into the center. Friday consisted of street performers on Lathrop’s campus.

During lunch, drumline, magicians, dancers, and other exciting performances spaced themselves throughout the quad with buckets, trying to use their talents to collect as much money as possible. Students passing by would find it difficult to not become distracted by the performers and in the end, the students enjoyed themselves and the contributions they made.

LHS Pennies for patients 3

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