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GV Students Travel around the U.S. in One Day

Post Date:03/03/2017 2:05 PM

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GV Students Travel around the U.S. in One Day

Submitted By; Joe Contreras
Community Outreach Intern

Imagine traveling the United States in one day, students at Great Valley did exactly that—with an imaginary vacation.

The fifth graders in Elda Rodriguez's class created state tri-folds to display their research. This project allowed the students to apply real life skills—like using math to stay within a budget. 

Rodriguez mentioned that her favorite part of the project was how math, reading, writing, social studies, technology, and public speaking were all incorporated into one lesson.

vacation research 2Rodriguez said, "the student had to contact the state they were studying and request information."

The students had to take many factors in to considerations for their imaginary trip to another state. The students had to pick a car to travel in and research that car's fuel capacity, then estimate the distance it would travel on a full tank.  The students also needed to know the amount of fuel needed to travel from Stockton to their state and the cost of fuel.

Ricardo Velasquez said, "I enjoyed doing the research this way instead of just learning about a place out of a book." 

Rodriguez mentioned that it was pretty funny how the students all started with these fast cars and when they started to see the cost of gas and how it was eating up their budget, they traded those cars for more fuel efficient cars.

Tommy Duong said, "I learned how hard it is to plan for trips now.  You have to think about budgeting and where you are going to stay."  

To make the ideal trip as realistic as possible, the students needed to also plan to rest every 8-10 hours and find a hotel and where to eat.

Vacation research 3When you travel to a state, there are many historical buildings and landscapes to be seen. Students had to decide what exactly they would want to do when they arrived in their chosen state.

Most importantly, the students had to do this all with an imaginary budget of $1,500.  Students at first were excited about receiving this amount as their budget, but they soon found out the difficulty of achieving all the requirements with the budget given.

Ysabella Beltran learned a lot about the different states and where she would like to travel within that state.

Rodriguez also explained how the tablets made research so much easier. She included that the students enjoyed creating Power Point presentations on their devices, and it was a real eye opener as to how much planning goes into a trip. 

They wrote reports about the state, in addition to creating a Power Point and a tri-fold for a presentation.

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