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Be.tech hosts their very 1st fashion show

Post Date:05/15/2017 11:16 AM

betech fashion model 1 

Be.tech hosts their very 1st fashion show

By: Geraldaughn Soriano

Community Outreach Intern

With fashion you are able to express yourself, boost your creativity, and amp up your confidence. There are so many different ways to style a particular piece of clothing, whether that may be by adding some accessories or wearing statement shoes.

Fashion Club Advisor Veronica DeAnda stated, “It was a great experience.  I enjoyed it because it brought our three academies together.  I was impressed and proud of how the student preformed and stepped it up when it was game time.” 

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“The fashion show was such an amazing experience because it taught me to not be scared to step out of my comfort zone. You never know if you like something unless you just go out and do it,” stated fashion show participant Marcos Mendoza.

The 4 different fashion show categories were: uniform styling, professional dress, upcycling, and a mystery theme. The 1st category is uniform styling, models walked down the runway wearing the uniform for their particular academy because students at be.tech are required to wear uniforms every day.  For professional dress, models wore outfits that would be something you can wear for quarter expositions or a job interview.

Upcycling is the process of taking old clothes and altering & repurposing them. Everything that the models wore for the upcycling category was all altered and recreated by the fashion club, for some of the clothing pieces they added lace, they also turned pants into shorts and made a dress into a shirt. The last category was the Mystery theme, the models for this category ended up being the be.tech teachers and staff. They walked down the runway wearing clothes that wore back in high school.

Fashion plays a very important in our society today, there are so many different trends out there. Most importantly, fashion is a great way to express yourself and who you are.

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