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MHS Feminine Hygiene Product Drive for the Homeless

Post Date:01/07/2019 2:24 PM

equality club 

Imagine this: you are a woman minding your time when unexpectedly your period starts. Unprepared, you panic. You search through your bag hoping to find a pad or tampon, but unfortunately you do not have one. 

For most women, not having a needed feminine hygiene product is a rarity, but for many women it’s a reality. 

Levy Cutar Student InternPeople generously donate clothing and shampoo to the homeless, but do not often donate feminine hygiene products, which is a vital thing they need. 

“It’s an easy product to forget since it’s so personal,” stated senior Andreina Sanchez.

It frankly doesn’t occur to most people to donate menstrual supplies. Perhaps this is because society discourages women from talking about their menstrual cycle needs because of how embarrassing or uncomfortable it can be.

“A lot of people think this hygiene drive is biased, but it is actually trying to make up a balance,” said Equality Club adviser Sarah Haskett.

Haskett, who teaches English, Women’s Studies and Creative Writing for Manteca high, has been running this drive for three years now. 

Haskett stated, “I was reading a lot of articles about homeless women still having their periods but didn’t know what to do because they didn’t have the necessary products.” Hygiene poster

This has inspired her to get involved by starting the Feminine Hygiene Product Drive at Manteca High. With the help of club members and other MHS students, everyone has had the opportunity to be involved in the drive. 

“It’s important for girls to realize that menstruation is not weird. It is not something to be ashamed of,” said Haskett.

To get this project moving, Haskett and her student team have spent time making posters and advertising it on the Equality Club Instagram page. 

The posters are hung in the quad, classroom wings, the hallways and the parking lot. They also include a fact to show why it is a necessity for homeless women to have these products. 

Also, students placed boxes in classrooms for people to donate hygiene products like pads, tampons, period cups, pantie liners, etc. Other donated items include toothbrushes and combs. 

donation box

The Feminine Hygiene Product Drive started on Monday, the 19th of November and ended Friday, the 21st of December. 

All the donations collected will go to The Hope Family Shelter.  

Starting a Feminine Hygiene Product Drive is a way to give back to the community of Manteca. It’s being committed to supplying menstrual health products to people who are either homeless or can’t afford them due to low income. Hopefully, this effort inspires other schools to help those in need of these products. 

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