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Behind the Scenes EUHS Leadership

Post Date:04/29/2019 9:43 AM

Leadership behind the scenes

Daniel Acevedo byline 

By Daniel Acevedo, student intern

The East Union Leadership class works behind the scenes on campus- they are the worker bees of the school. 

Leadership oversees putting on Homecoming, Rallies, and most of the student recognitions.   

“What many people don’t really notice is how much time and preparation is needed to put on these events,” said Alexandra Baez.

For homecoming, you can find leadership very busy making sure everything is not only perfect for the Friday rally, but for the entire spirit week. Candidate nominations, balloon arches, music, floats, and class dances are some of many things that are quietly planned months in advanced by these students. 

April is an exciting time of year because leadership campaigning for an ASB Office position, begins.

EUHS leadership has many positions, and class officers are especially busy during these two weeks. They are in charge of building floats- which not only require putting up the materials but calling companies to obtain everything. 

ASB Officers include a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for each class and then an ASB group. 

There are also ASB Commissioners who may not hold a prestigious title, but they have very important tasks. 

At EUHS, we have Audio visual commissioners who are tasked with being on the intercom throughout the week and on Fridays, put out a creative video to showcase announcements. 

Rally Commissioners have one of the most entertaining jobs as they put on an entire rally for the whole school. 

Lastly, election commissioners oversee all the homecoming candidates and organize everything for upcoming leadership elections. 

Leadership elections were this month’s biggest topic. Many outgoing students decided to apply for next year’s ASB officers, but with that comes some overlap with current duties. 

Campaigning is a very interesting week for the leadership class. It becomes a very friendly, creative and competitive environment.  It gives the students a chance to showcase their greatest leadership abilities in order to be chosen for the position they want. 

The most prestigious position in the class is ASB President. They are the ones in charge of the entire class. Aside from the advisor Mrs. Cano, the president approves of all of the activities leadership puts on, speaks to the entire student body, and also leads the very important ASB meetings held every Tuesday. 

This year, the EUHS ASB President was Rachel Weaver. She is a Senior and will be passing the torch to one of two Candidates: Tony Rattanasack or Brooklyn Johnson. Brooklyn currently serves as East Union’s student board member among Manteca Unified’s Board of Trustees.


“ASB President means that you are there for the students and student body to make their school year and environment the best that it could be,” said Johnson. “Overall, it is not putting yourself as a boss, but as a leader to help students in need.” 

Many students decide to join ASB Office their final year of high school.

“Being in school activities and watching some of these events put on by my friends sparked my interest in wanting to participate,” said Cameron Torres. “I didn’t know they did this much, but once I found out, I wanted to join.”

Overall, leadership helps students, both shy and outgoing, learn to express their own creativity and opinions to make their overall high school experience enjoyable. 

No matter the outcome of this year’s elections, the EUHS Leadership Class of 2018-2019 is happy to be celebrating their banquet on April 30thand excited to welcome the new 2019-2020 Leadership Class.

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