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 Victorio Romo  cropped wall portrait 2

Victorio Romo

Student Board President

East Union High School

 Taylor Reed Cropped Wall Portrait

Taylor Reed

Student Board Vice President

Manteca High School

 Jessie Moebius cropped wall portrait

Jesse Moebius

Student Board Member

Lathrop High School

 Jenna Rosendin cropped wall portrait 2

Jenna Rosendin

Student Board Member

Sierra High School

 Judit Zamora

Judit Zamora

Student Board Member

Weston Ranch High School

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Romo, Victorio

  • Departments:East Union High
  • Divisions:Student Board Member
  • Title:Student Board President
Victorio Romo  cropped wall portrait 2

Victorio Romo – Student  Board President

East Union High School

 Victorio—or better known as Victor—Romo is currently a senior at East Union High School. He has excelled in every aspect that he has taken part in. Victor is well-known around town as being a friendly person to everyone he meets. The halls of East Union High School have become a home to Victor.

As said by Dan Vu, a team staff director for EDGE Youth Leadership, Victor is "one of the most well-structured students I have met. He takes pride in his ability to not only be a balanced student, but also one that is highly organized.”

Victor has the high honor of being given the title of President of the Student Board Members. He plans to represent not only his school but all MUSD high schools with poise and success.

Victor is serving his fourth and final year in the leadership class as the East Union ASB Vice President. He has spent numerous hours roaming the halls and in the leadership room, serving his school. He has pushed carts full of clothes, carried tables, passed out papers, and handed out candy to the most spirited on campus. He has served under Mrs. Cano with honor and respect. Victor will also be cheering for his third year for the Lancers, his second year on the varsity cheer team. For the cheer season, he will be serving as one of two Co-Captains for his team and is so excited to represent the amazing cheer program, led by Mrs. Greenlee and Coach T.

Mrs. Greenlee said, "Victor Romo can't be replaced. I would love to have a Victor on all squads.  He is a great leader, role model, and cheerleader. I can count on him for anything!" 

Along with these two activities, Victor also participates in the California Scholarship Federation, Link Crew Club, the Advanced Placement Club, and the Asian Pacific Islander Club. Victor has been given the honor of holding the title of both Homecoming Prince & King Runner-Up.

Victor also serves the community in numerous ways and enjoys working with veterans. One of Victor's favorite service activities is EDGE Youth Leadership, a three-day leadership seminar that teaches high school sophomores how to activate themselves within their communities and schools. Victor attended this seminar in 2016 as a student, returned in 2017 as a leader, and will return again in 2018 as a mentor and leader. One of Victor's 2016 EDGE leaders, Megan Backovich, said, “When I think of a leader, I think of him.”

Victor is currently in the top 5 of his class. He has enjoyed his honors and AP classes so far, and currently, holds an overall GPA of above a 4.00. Though Victor has a busy schedule with cheer, leadership, and other activities, he still manages to put his education first because he has high goals for himself and where his education can take him. Victor is a part of the National Society of High School Scholars where he learns more about opportunities for his future. Victor hopes to continue his education at an Ivy League College, UC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, or Stanford University. He would like to pursue an education in law, with a minor in psychology. He hopes to one day become a defense attorney. He is also considering a major in clinical psychology to one day become a psychologist. 

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