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 Victorio Romo  cropped wall portrait 2

Victorio Romo

Student Board President

East Union High School

 Taylor Reed Cropped Wall Portrait

Taylor Reed

Student Board Vice President

Manteca High School

 Jessie Moebius cropped wall portrait

Jesse Moebius

Student Board Member

Lathrop High School

 Jenna Rosendin cropped wall portrait 2

Jenna Rosendin

Student Board Member

Sierra High School

 Judit Zamora

Judit Zamora

Student Board Member

Weston Ranch High School

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Moebius, Jesse

  • Departments:Lathrop High
  • Divisions:Student Board Member
  • Title:Student Board Member
Jessie Moebius cropped wall portrait

Jesse Mobius

Lathrop High School

Jesse Charles Moebius is an 11th grade student at Lathrop High School. Jesse has had a passion for becoming a strong leader and role model. As a boy, he became involved with a local Cub Scout group in Lathrop at the age of 5. Jesse was excited to meet new friends and learn vital life skills along the way to his goal of reaching the highest rank in scouting—Eagle Scout. As he looks back on his rigorous 11-year scouting journey, he appreciates the extensive work and time that he put into this program. Jesse is ecstatic to be so close to accomplishing his goal.

Not only has he learned useful survival skills and proper first aid techniques, he has also served as his troop’s Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Scoutmaster for the past four years. He plans meetings and teaches young scouts as they work hard to obtain their goals of becoming Eagle Scouts. 

Jesse also loves to stay involved with his home church, Sequoia Heights Baptist Church, in Manteca. His family been attending this church ever since he was born and couldn’t ask for a better support group. In fourth grade, he remembers joining an organization called “Bible Drill”, where he had the amazing opportunity to memorize the books of the Bible as well as numerous verses and key passages.

After months of practice and memorization, Jesse would participate in a three-stage competition; the first two stages held at his church and the third stage being the state level held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. He would have to recite from memory verses that he learned, as well as find certain books and passages of the Bible within a 10 second time limit. Jesse competed in this organization for a total of four years, earning 4 state titles as well as a state title for a perfect score. He considers this to be one of his greatest accomplishments, because not only did he enhance his memorization skills, but he was able to learn so much about God’s Word and has grown in Him.

Mission work is also a big part of Jesse’s life, and he has traveled to different parts of the world with his church group to help and serve others. He has been to Mexico a total of 5 times, along with attending smaller events throughout California.  This summer he took the wonderful opportunity to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana to help reconstruct houses and share God’s Word.

Throughout junior high, Jesse was involved in his school’s leadership program. Specifically, he held the responsibilities of a public speaker, rally commissioner, and morning announcer. He carried these skills and experiences into his high school career at Lathrop High. Jesse joined leadership as a sophomore and held the position of sophomore class treasurer. There he shared his creative ideas and personality with the students at Lathrop High School.

This past year, he emceed his first major high school rally, played on the junior varsity football team, struggled through four AP classes, earned the Lathrop High School Athletic Award as well as the Leadership ‘Above and Beyond’ Award, and was elected the LHS ASB Vice President/Student Board Member for 2017-2018.  As he takes these titles and accomplishments into his junior year, Jesse looks forward to making a difference at LHS as well as impacting MUSD as a Student Board Member. 

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