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  • Employees

  • Internet and Support

    • Can the district budget for home WiFi access?

    • Does my student know their district email and password to be able to download their free copies of office?

    • How do I learn to use Microsoft Office 2013 or 2016?

    • How do I sign up for a consumer Microsoft account?

    • How will my child be protected on the Internet while at home?

    • In terms of protection, how is web content filtered while my child is at school?

    • What Educational Apps are available for my child?

    • What if I don’t have Internet or wireless at home?

    • What if the student needs tech support when not at school?

    • What is the difference between the two types of Microsoft accounts?

    • What types of controls will be in place for Internet access?

    • What types of security measures are in place to protect my child's information on his/her device?

    • Where should a student save their files?

  • Software and Learning

    • Are all of their textbooks going to eventually be on the device?

    • Are the computers that the district gives my student going to come preloaded with Windows and Office?

    • Can a student install apps from the Microsoft Store on the 3E?

    • Can students be given assignments that require the use of the device?

    • Can students install desktop programs on the 3E?

    • Can students print to home printers?

    • Can students print to school printers using the 3E?

    • How do I get my Parent Connect Pin and Password?

    • How do I get the Office Pro Plus Benefit for Faculty & Staff?

    • How do I learn to use Microsoft Office 2013 or 2016?

    • How do I learn to use OneNote?

    • How does the “Going Digital 2015 Project” impact my child in the classroom? Will they be permitted to learn at their own pace?

    • How is my child’s teacher supported in the classroom? Does my child's teacher need to be a technology expert? Does he/she have technical support or will they be spending time addressing technical issues instead of teaching?

    • How was it decided to use the Microsoft Suite of products as the software?

    • What software is installed on the 3E?

    • What will happen to my student’s work if the device is broken?

    • Which Operating System is on the device?