Negotiations Update

MantecaUSD Negotiations Statement


In Attendance

Items Discussed

 May 11, 2017  MUSD and MEA Negotiations team See the negotiations statement above.
 Mar. 10, 2017  MUSD and MEA negotiating teams met and discussed the following:  The District and MEA are at Impasse Mediation with the assistance of a State-assigned mediator.  Mediation will continue April 12, 2017.
Oct. 18, 2016 MUSD and MEA negotiating teams met and discussed the following:
  • MEA declined the District’s compensation proposal and instead presented a counterproposal requesting in part to discuss a multi-year agreement.
  • The District perceives MEA’s counterproposal as movement on their part towards reaching an agreement.
  • Negotiations will reconvene on Nov. 22, 2016
Sept. 21, 2016 MUSD and MEA negotiating teams met and discussed the following:
  • The parties agreed to implement AB 374 (paternity and adoption leave) effective July 1, 2016.
  • The parties signed Tentative Agreements for Articles 11 and 12, subject to ratification by the Unit and approval by the Board.
  • MEA presented proposal to amend Article 23 regarding Personal Leave. 
  • The District responded to MEA’s compensation proposal.  The District shared information regarding the impact of increased STRS contributions and the minimum wage increase, as well as the limited District resources available within a positively certified balanced budget.  The District’s desire is to focus on making the H/W benefit more substantial, having a competitive salary with a more competitive H/W package.
  • In this context, the District presented a counter proposal.
  • Negotiations will reconvene on Oct. 18, 2016.
 August 16, 2016  MUSD and MEA negotiating teams met and discussed the following:  Housekeeping Items:
  • RSP  case loads
  • Language regarding teachers moving classrooms
  • Confirming existing contract language regarding minimum days before Thanksgiving Day and winter break
  • Change in contract formula for payment to teachers substituting on their prep periods
  • AB 375:  School Employees:  Sick Leave:  Paternity and Maternity Leave
  • Definitions of teacher prep and flex time terms
  • Class size caps
  • Clarification of MEA Sunshined Proposal
May 20, 2016 The District met with: MEA/CTA/NEA
  • Ground Rules, Minutes, Agendas:  The District re-proposed draft written ground rules applicable to both sides to help guide the process.  While MEA declined to discuss mutual parameters, they accepted minutes for the March 2016 meeting and utilized a proposed agenda prepared by the District.
  • MEA Concerns/Requests:  The parties reviewed MEAs concerns with RSP caseloads, end of the year classroom moves, and job descriptions. The District has and continues to comply with the contract in each area.  MEA requests further review of RSP caseloads and will bring additional information to the parties' next meeting. As for moves, the District has ensured that adequate packing supplies and related space are available to assist staff with moves and will continue to do so. All actual movement of equipment and items will be handled by classified staff. The District provided information to MEA regarding Program Coordinator job functions consistent with existing job description.  The District provided clarification regarding the purpose of the high school library committee.
  • MEA Sunshine Proposal:  MEA was not prepared to pass any detailed proposal but instead will present the District with a written proposal at the parties' next meeting.
  • Next meeting dates: August and September, 2016
March 30, 2016 The District met with: MEA / CTA / NEA
  • Ground Rules, Minutes, Agendas
  • District Response to MEA 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 Proposals