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Agostini, Leslie Coordinator of Health Services & Homeless / Foster LiasonHealth Services(209) 858-0788
Aguilar, Teresa Bilingual Para-ProfessionalGeorge Komure
Alvarez, BrendaPurchasing TechnicianBusiness Services, Purchasing(209) 858-0755 ext. 50755
Amaral, SandraAccount ClerkNutrition Education(209) 858-0775
Anderson, Kari Budget / Accounting TechnicianBusiness Services, Fiscal Accounting(209) 858-0766
Anderson, TammyPurchasing TechnicianBusiness Services, Purchasing(209) 858-0880 ext. 50880
Andona, PatriciaClerical AssistantCompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation(209) 858-0726
Andujo, LupeClerical AssistantCompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation(209) 858-0853
Arabambi, Adenike (Nikki)Purchasing TechnicianPurchasing(209) 858-0822 ext. 50822
Armstrong, HeatherAdministrative AssistantSuperintendent's Office(209) 858-0813
Arnold, Joan SecretaryFacilities(209) 858-0765
Avila, YuricaBudget/Accounting TechnicianBusiness Services, Fiscal Accounting(209) 858-0887 ext. 50887
Baker, Kim Clerical AssistantCompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation(209) 858-0853
Baker, Ruth Director of Transportation and Classified PersonnelPersonnel Services, Transportation(209) 858-0740
Barber, OliviaClerical AssistantNutrition Education(209) 858-0748
Bartizal, MichaelData AnalystInformation Technology, Student Data Information Systems(209) 858-0839
Bartlet, ElbertSupervisor of Custodial ServicesCustodial Services(209) 858-0878
Bennett, BonnieDirector of Certificated PersonnelPersonnel Services
Bennett, Mike Supervisor of MaintenanceMaintenance(209) 858-0711
Berhorst, StephanieFift/Sixth Grade Teacher
Bhatti, RupinderDirector of Child Welfare & AttendanceChild Welfare and Attendance(209) 858-0762
Bonpua, NickDesktop Support TechnicianInformation Technology(209) 858-0911
Bork, RobertDigital Support TechnicianNutrition Education(209) 858-0868
Boswell, JaniceSecretary to Superviser of Maintenance and OperationsMaintenance(209) 858-0711
Bowers, AaronDirector II of Facilities and OperationsFacilities, Operations(209) 858-0802
Bowers, JoshuaTechnology Support AnalystInformation Technology(209) 858-0911
Bowman, DanHead MechanicTransportation(209) 858-0704
Braitman, JoyceTeacher Induction CoordinatorCompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation, Teacher Development Center(209) 858-0683
Breitenbucher, Jacqui Senior Director of Business Services / CBOBusiness Services(209) 858-0728
Brookshire, WalterDirector of TransportationTransportation(209) 858-0708
Brown, Cindy Clerical AssistantStudent Services/Special Education(209) 858-0847
Brunn, VictoriaPIO, Director of Community OutreachCommunity Outreach(209) 858-0764
Bugarin, ElizabethSecretary to the Director of Community OutreachCommunity Outreach(209) 858-0845
Burke, Dr. Clark Deputy SuperintendentPersonnel Services(209) 858-0742
Burriss, JodyProgram SpecialistStudent Services/Special Education(209) 858-0722
Cadile, BenStudent Information Systems SupervisorInformation Technology, Student Data Information Systems(209) 858-0820
Caligiuri, JeffCCSS Mathematics CoordinatorCompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation
Camara, Charlotte Clerk Typist IICompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation(209) 858-0828
Cambra, KathyTechnology Support AnalystInformation Technology(209) 858-0904 ext. 50904
Cardoza, Kelly VacanciesPersonnel Services(209) 858-0814
Castillo, BarbaraPayroll Account TechnicianBusiness Services, Payroll(209) 858-0799
Clark, ColbyDirector of Information TechnologyInformation Technology(209) 858-0902
Cornish, SandraTeacher Induction CoordinatorCompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation, Teacher Development Center(209) 858-0854
Costanza, PamelaTransportation SupervisorTransportation(209) 858-0715
Cowan, DeannaSecretary to Risk ManagementBusiness Services, Risk Management (209) 858-0860
Danley, SamanthaCCSS ELA CoordinatorCompensatory Education / Testing and Evaluation(209) 858-0743
DeLeon, CheloSecretary to SuperintendentSuperintendent's Office(209) 858-0729
Dodd, DonaData TechnicianInformation Technology, Student Data Information Systems(209) 858-0884
Dringenberg, Diyan Department SupervisorElementary Education(209) 858-0702
Durrer, ErikaFacilities Planning SupervisorFacilities Planning(209) 858-0865
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