District Student and Staff Recognition Request

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Please note that this form is only for requesting District Level recognition.

All Recognition Submissions Forms Are Due by Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

Submission Guidelines

  1. This will be the only form accepted for student/staff honorees. You must submit ONE cumulative list submitted by ONE individual per school site.

  2. Please only recommend students/staff for honor if they've earned an achievement post the previous Spring Board Celebration.

  3. When submitting student/staff honorees, please use their official name as found in Q or Escape and confirm spelling. This helps us tremendously when creating certificates.

  4. Please complete the form organized by submission category (as shown below). Additional rows may be inserted as needed.

  5. THANK YOU! Our Board Celebrations would not be possible without your contributions.


The categories for awards at this celebration are:

  1. Academic: Please submit your valedictorian and salutatorian. Students who have earned an extraordinary or rare academic achievement outside of these two areas, recognized on the regional, state, or national level.

  2. Athletic: Teams who have achieved a section championship or an individual section championship or higher. Also, individuals who have achieved something on the regional, state, or national level. Individuals receiving League MVP recognition. 
    Note:  When submitting a team, please provide the Coach's email. The team will be honored as a team, not by indivudal players. The Coach will receive a formal invitation, to be extended to his/her team.

  3. Citizenship: Truly exemplary and rare achievements that do not fit easily into an academic or athletic category. For example: acts of service, heroism, or achievement in the community. Please note: these are not meant to duplicate school recognition awards.

  4. Visual/Performing Arts, Career Technical Education, JROTC, etc If a student was NOT honored in October, and has earned an achievement since that time, please submit them for honor. This may include: medaling at a county or higher level event, achieving a certification or degree status that is recognized at the regional, state, or national level.

  5. Other: Please mention any teacher, staff, or administrator that has been honored by an outside agency on the regional, state or national level. For all other submissions, please call to discuss BEFORE form submission.

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