Future Growth

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Community Facilities Districts

  • CFD

    • Can an audit be done on all of the Weston Ranch community property taxes in how those funds have been spent and on what?

    • Can CFD funding be used to replace portable classrooms with new permanent Classrooms?

    • Can CFD funding be used to replace portable classrooms with new permanent Classrooms?

    • Can COP be paid early for a fee?

    • CFD 1 was voted by Board at the time to collect maximum money able to charge forever? Did any Board do that with CFD 2, 3 or 4?

    • Confirm completion date for East Union High School?

    • Confirm completion date for Weston Ranch High School?

    • Could the City and school District enter into CFD together to support city needs as well as the school District’s needs?

    • Did CFD 1 pay for improvements at East Union High School? Study Session August 2013 said it was included.

    • Did the District use money for East Union stadium?

    • Disagree that any monies be placed in a deposit refunding escrow and used to pay the remaining COP debt.

    • Do we pay COP on other Mello-Roos? (CFS)

    • Dolcinea in CFD 3? Move to 3 or money specific?

    • During Measure M, was Mello-Roos suspended so as not to change both Measure M and Mello-Roos?

    • For CFD-3, why are site lists different?

    • Have COP been used on other CFDs? (CFS)

    • How are Mello Roos boundaries determined?

    • How many on staff administration work on CFD services?

    • How much of the CFD (Mello-Roos) was used for the East Union High stadium and any other buildings before Weston Ranch High School was open?

    • In ten years, how much will there be of CFD-1 after the $2.9 million is spent?

    • Is CFD 1 financing a CAB?

    • What about voter approval for Mello Roos increase?

    • What are the advantages and disadvantage of borrowing money from COP (CFS)?

    • What are the current & projected total costs of retiring CFD 1 Bonds & COP?

    • What CFDs were used for Tinnin Rd?

    • What has been your experience with new developments & developers paying their fair share of school facilities to meet the needs of present & future students?

    • What is a CAB?

    • What is a CFA?

    • What is a CFD?

    • What is a COP?

    • What is a GOB?

    • What is a Traditional CFD?

    • What is a Verification Analysis?

    • What is an Annexing CFD?

    • What is owed on Mello-Roos (CFD-1) without COP, $30 million (SNC)?

    • What needs to be done by the City of Manteca, City Council, Planning Department with developers & the school district to plan for the educational needs of the community?

    • What was Proposition 218?

    • What would the end date be if Board members vote for an end date?

    • When new developments are annexed in are fees reassessed? Traditional vs. Annexed?

    • Which subdivisions in Manteca participate in MUSD Mello-Roos and/or CFD financing?

    • Why does the data from the August 2013 CFD Study Session not match on the October 13 Measure M report?

    • Why is the RMA rate for CFD 4 so much higher than CFD 3?