Lincoln Elementary School was built in 1947.  This site was last modernized in 1989—twenty-six years ago—and is now eligible for modernization.  Currently, there are 23 permanent classrooms and 13 portable ones, as well as many other dilapidated buildings, in need of serious repairs and renovations.   

Modernization Plans

Lincoln - Modernized 

Lincoln’s modernization project reorients the campus with a new administration/cafeteria building along Powers Avenue.  The campus will be secured with new fencing, helping create a safer learning environment for students.  A singular access point will be located in the admin space. 

A new playground structure will be constructed southeast of the former cafeteria. 

In addition to these new constructions, a new fire alarm system, drainage system, and improved pavement will be installed.  Minor renovations will also be conducted in existing classrooms to fully modernize this site.

*Plans not final

Conceptual Rendering of the new Lincoln Multi-Purpose Building 

Conceptual rendering of the new admin/cafeteria building.