Sequoia Elementary School was built in 1957.  This site was last modernized in 1989—twenty-six years ago—and is now eligible for modernization.  Currently, there are 21 permanent classrooms and 13 portable ones, as well as many other dilapidated buildings, many in need of serious repairs and renovations.

Modernization Plans

Sequoia - Modernized 


Sequoia’s modernization project replaces seven failing portables with a newly constructed classroom building that will also serve as the administration office.  The classroom will be located directly west of the multi-purpose building and will create a new “front door” to the campus. 

New secure campus fencing will also be installed.  These new additions to the site  will  facilitate enhanced security for the site by creating a single point of entry through which visitors to the campus must pass. 

In addition to the new building, a new fire alarm system, drainage system, and improved pavement will be installed.  Minor renovations will be conducted in existing classrooms to fully modernize this site.

*Plans not final