Shasta Elementary School was built in 1966.  This site was last modernized in 1999—sixteen years ago—and is now eligible for modernization.  Currently, there are 24 permanent classrooms and 14 portable ones, as well as many other dilapidated buildings, in need of serious repairs and renovations.

Shasta - Modernized

Shasta’s modernization project replaces six portables with a newly constructed classroom building.  These classrooms will be located behind the current library building and will be used for Kindergarten and primary students.  New playground structures will be built on either side of this building, one for Kindergarten and one for primary students. 

A new administration building will be constructed at the front of the campus, while the existing admin space will be converted back into two classrooms.  Having the admin building at the front of the site instead of at its center will enhance the safety of the students with the addition of new secure campus fencing. These two new features will create a single point of entry for any site visitors.

In addition to the new buildings, a new fire alarm system, drainage system, and improved pavement will be installed.  Minor renovations will also be conducted in existing classrooms to fully modernize this site.

*Plans not final

Shasta Schoolfront 

Outside design of the new administration building