Faculty and Staff

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To be the premier provider of innovative career education in the region.


To empower students with skills and knowledge for post-secondary opportunities in a highly personalized, learn by doing, environment.

Carey Simoni 00



Principal Carey Simoni

"I aspire to make lasting contributions to students, staff, and the community," said Simoni. "I hope to make a positive difference in each and every student and staff."

To help you get to know the faculty and staff at BE.Tech better, we are providing short biographies and photos of our faculty and staff. Click on a name below to learn more about that staff member.

DeAnda, Veronica Registrarbe.tech
Ehrenholm, BryanBE.Cuisine Teacherbe.tech
Griggs, AndrewBE.Cuisine Teacherbe.tech
Hoyer, LorettaTeacherbe.tech
Huarte, SusanCampus Monitorbe.tech(209) 858-7330
Lal, AshiynParaprofessionalbe.tech
Lay, BrennaKitchen Staffbe.tech
Machado, LarryAcademic Counselorbe.tech, Manteca Adult(209) 858-7330 ext. 56626
Messer, KristenTeacher and Technology Coordinatorbe.tech
Munguia, IreneTeacherbe.next, be.tech, Lathrop High
Myers, JenniferCTE Careers w/Children Teacherbe.next, be.tech, Lathrop High
Myers, KennethBusiness/CTE Department Chairbe.next, be.tech, Lathrop High
Narayan, ElvisHistory Teacherbe.tech
Ott, AngelaBE.First Teacherbe.tech
Patterson, MichaelBE.Industrial Teacherbe.tech(209) 858-7460
Roberts, Michael3D Art at be.nextbe.next, be.tech, Lathrop High
Salsedo, MorganEnglish Teacherbe.tech
Simoni, CareyPrincipalbe.tech(209) 858-7460
Taylor, LawrenceMath Teacherbe.tech, Curriculum/Instruction and Compensatory Education(209) 858-7460
Teves, PedroSocial Studies Teacherbe.next, be.tech, Lathrop High
Ward, JamesBE.First Teacherbe.tech
Wilson, KelleyOffice Managerbe.tech(209) 858-7463