Staff Directory

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Anderson, JoshTeacher 6th GradeGreat Valley
Bass, Amy5th gradeGreat Valley
Blanchard, Cheryl7th/8th SDCGreat Valley
Brown, Peter6th GradeGreat Valley
Bynum, DianeHealth ClerkGreat Valley
Callender, Doreen Music TeacherGreat Valley
Castellanos, Marisa6th GradeGreat Valley
Castro, TeresitaBilingual AideGreat Valley
Cervantes, IrmaBilingual AideGreat Valley
Choate, Bob8th Grade ScienceGreat Valley
Cisneros, Francisco8th Grade PEGreat Valley
Davis, JacalynPrincipalGreat Valley
Denton, ShawnaTeacher 7th GradeGreat Valley
Dominguez, Javier7th GradeGreat Valley
Edmonds, Sarah4th GradeGreat Valley
Elness, LornaKindergartenGreat Valley
Filippini, Dennis7th Grade Science/Social StudiesGreat Valley
Galapia, Raymond5th GradeGreat Valley
Gallego, DianeKindergartenGreat Valley
Gibbs, EliTeacher 8th GradeGreat Valley
Goodwin, Lisa Vice PrincipalGreat Valley
Groves, Sella1st GradeGreat Valley
Ha, Autumn1st GradeGreat Valley
Hadley, JosephTeacherGreat Valley
Jacob, MelanieGreat Valley
Kanbara, Keith7th Grade MathGreat Valley
Kinlaw, Rebecca1st GradeGreat Valley
Lara, JacquelineRSP K-7thGreat Valley
Leitner, LoriOffice ManagerGreat Valley
Martinez, Joanna4th GradeGreat Valley
Matthews, LindaLibrarian- AnnexGreat Valley
Medeiros, MarcusDST (Digital Support Technician)Great Valley
Meyer, Jonya6th GradeGreat Valley
Moore, MeganTeacherGreat Valley
Mosely, Jennifer4th GradeGreat Valley
Niendorf, Kevin8th Grade MathGreat Valley
Nuno, IleanaBilingual AideGreat Valley
Olsen, KarenVice Principal Great Valley
Pacheco, Jeannie4th GradeGreat Valley
Pastor, Antony6th Grade TeacherGreat Valley
Perez, Cristina3rd GradeGreat Valley
Pimentel, JuanHead Custodian- Main Site/AnnexGreat Valley
Rascon, Trisha6th GradeGreat Valley
Rasmussen, JordanTeacherGreat Valley
Roberson, AnnaRead 180Great Valley
Robinson, BrookeK-3 SDCGreat Valley
Rodriguez, Elda5th GradeGreat Valley
Ross-Cunha, Christine3rd GradeGreat Valley
Simonds, Benet 3rd GradeGreat Valley
Southard, Julia3rd GradeGreat Valley