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General Information

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Manteca Adult School

2271 West Louise Ave. Manteca, CA 95337



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Important Dates

In-Person Registration opens Monday August 21, 2017.

Classes begin Tuesday, September 5th, 2017.

Course Catalogs will be mailed home by August 1, 2017,


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Who May Attend   Classes are open to persons 18 years of age or older and emancipated minors.  Classes are open to anyone without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical disability, age, political affiliation or belief.


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Class Locations

DO-District Office Complex/ Manteca Adult School (MAS)

2271 West Louise Avenue

Manteca, CA 95336



August Knodt School (AK)

3939 EWS Woods Blvd.

Stockton,  CA 95206 Academies (

2271 West Louise Avenue

 Manteca, CA 95336

French Camp School

241 E. 4th Street

French Camp. CA 95231

Lincoln Elementary School (LIN)

750 East Yosemite

Manteca, CA 95336

Lathrop High School (LHS)

647 Spartan Way

Lathrop, CA 95330

Sierra High School (SHS)

1700 Thomas Street

Manteca, CA  95337

Weston Ranch High School (WRHS)

4606 McCuen Avenue

Stockton, CA 95206


tobacco free 

Tobacco-Free   Manteca Unified School District is “tobacco-free”.  Use of tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, are not permitted in any class or on any school property including in vehicles parked on the property.



reg, info  

Registration: Register for classes at the Manteca Adult School Office during the office hours listed on the last page of this catalog. Or register online at:    Students registering for diploma, high school equivalency classes, English as a Second Language (ESL) or literacy classes must complete adult school academic assessments to register. A high school transcript is required for students registering for high school diploma classes.

 Monday-Thursday 8:00-6:00pm   Friday 8:00-4:00pm

Hours during Registration Only

M/W/F  8-6 pm  TU/TH  8-8 pm;

August 21-31st, 2017 First Registration

Classes September 5, 2017- November 9, 2017

November 2-14th, 2017 Second Registration

Classes November 15, 2017- February 1, 2018


January 29, 2018 - February 9, 2018 Third Registration

Classes February 13, 2018- April 26, 2018


April 16-27th, 2018 Last Registration

Classes April 30, 2018- June 28, 2018



Holidays and School Recesses


No Classes will be held on the following dates.

The office will be closed to the public.

Fall: 9/4/2017, 11/10/2017, 11/22-11/24/2017

Fall Break: 10/9/2017-10/13/2017

Winter Break: 12/25/2017 - 01/5/18, 1/15/18


Spring: 2/12/2018, 2/19/2018, 3/26/2018 - 4/2/2018, 5/28/2018




Orientation and Assessments: Assessment results will determine English as a Second Language, high school equivalency and diploma class level assignments. Allow 2 to 2.5 hours for the orientation/assessment session. Photo ID is required. Children are NOT allowed during testing. The testing schedule will be posted online at and in the office.  Sign up for sessions online or when you register for classes.


Attendance and Credit: Students enrolled in a class for credit must attend class on a regular basis and complete all assignments. Absences must be cleared with the instructor.


Class Size & Seat Availability: Class size is limited. Students are enrolled in classes when registration is completed, contingent upon completion of assessments when required.  Classes without sufficient enrollment will be cancelled.





 HS Credit 


Diploma Classes

Students enrolling for high school diploma classes pay an initial $30 enrollment fee.  No additional fees are required for diploma classes while the student completes classes for his/her diploma provided that the student completes a minimum of one class (5 credits) per semester.  Failure to complete at least one class in a semester will result in a “drop” from the program and require payment of a new enrollment fee to begin again.




 school fees 




Fees: Students enrolling in English as a Second Language classes, High School Equivalency, Adult Basic and Secondary Education classes, and High School Diploma classes will not be charged a fee. Students enrolling in career technical education classes or enrichment classes will be charged fees dependent on materials and related costs.





Refunds: No refunds will be issued after the second class meeting unless a class is cancelled. There is a $10.00 processing fee if the refund is initiated by the student. A school check is issued for cash payments. Please allow 10 working days to process refund requests.