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High School Equivalency Exam



Whether you want to pursue a career or attend college, earning a high school equivalency credential is more important than ever. Now there is an affordable alternative to the GED® test that offers you more choices — the HiSET® exam from ETS.

The HiSET exam provides important advantages that give you the best chance to succeed on test day.

More flexible: The HiSET exam can be taken in multiple formats and multiple languages, and it provides a number of accommodations for test takers with disabilities and health-related needs.

More accessible. You'll have more test center options, so you can choose the one that's most convenient for you.

More affordable: The HiSET exam is the least expensive high school equivalency test on the market.

Once you pass the HiSET exam, you'll have the valuable state-issued credential you need to advance your career or continue your education.

The HiSET has 5 subtests: Language Arts-Reading, Language Arts-Writing; Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.

You do not need to take all subtests on one day-you may schedule multiple sessions.

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Manteca Adult School offers both computer and paper-based tests in English and in Spanish.

Please note the following information from HiSET

*You get two retests for each subtest within a 12-month period from your date of purchase.

  • *After 12 months, you must purchase a new subtest if you want to retake it. Since this is a new purchase, you’ll receive two free retests. Again, you must use the free retests within a 12-month period from your date of purchase.

  • *You cannot take a subtest more than three times in a calendar year.

  • *Certain states and jurisdictions have a waiting period for retesting.

  • *You may have to pay additional state, jurisdiction or test center fees to retest.

  • Manteca Adult School charges the minimum fees as directed by ETS HiSET: $10.00 per subtest; $14.00 test center fee per subtest; and a one time $20.00 California state fee. This totals $140.00.