• Manteca Unified School District COVID-19 Safety Plan

    Message from Dr. Clark Burke, Superintendent

    In Manteca Unified School District (MUSD), every student works to achieve grade level standards, feels safe and is supported to realize individual success. As we continue to navigate what is hopefully, the move toward an endemic state, we truly appreciate the support from the community as we take every step to preserve the health of students and staff while keeping in-person learning at the forefront.  

    Since the onset of the pandemic, MUSD has followed state and local health guidance and directives to allow for full in-person instruction in the safest way possible. MUSD’s COVID-19 Safety Plan is continuously evolving to meet current health directives. On February 28, 2022, California announced that, based on a review of epidemiologic indicators and modeling projections, the universal indoor mask mandate in K-12 school settings will remain in effect until March 12, 2022, and transition to a strong recommendation thereafter. With this new information, MUSD has updated our COVID-19 Safety Plan to adhere to the new California Department of Public Health guidance and is doing everything possible to prioritize student learning while continuing to implement other safety mitigation measures.

    We understand that the state lifting the mask requirement may cause uncertainty for some people, especially those who are at higher risk for COVID-19 or live with someone who is at higher risk. Please note that mask wearing is still strongly recommended by the state and is an option for every student and staff member who wishes to wear one at any time. We appreciate and acknowledge the personal beliefs and circumstances surrounding masking and this new guidance respects one’s personal choice to continue to wear a mask.

    Other safety measures such as the daily self-screening survey, cleaning procedures, group exposure notifications, and indoor air filtration units will remain in place. MUSD will continue to work with the San Joaquin County Public Health Officer as local jurisdictions may have additional requirements beyond the state guidance.

    We thank staff, students, and families for their continuous commitment to in-person learning and for the flexibility demonstrated over the past two years in supporting students and our school community. Schools are the best and safest place for students to learn, succeed and thrive. Your Board of Education, District executive leaders, and myself continue to allocate more academic resources and layers of support for your classroom.

    With commitment to our students, our community, and our future.

    Dr. Clark Burke Signature 

    Dr. Clark Burke,

    Manteca Unified Superintendent

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