• tk registrations
  • Must be 5 years of age on or between September 2 and December 2 of the current year.

How to Register for Kindergarten Online

Register for Kindergarten on Your Smart Phone

  • step 2

    Download and complete the parent/guardian sections of the following documents:

    1. Authorization for Medication Administration Form (if applicable)

    This form should be taken to an MD to be completed if the child will require medicine administration while at school.

  • step 3

    Mandated Immunization Requirements for School Attendance (En Espanol)

    Ensure the child’s immunizations are up to date and documented. Make a copy of the child’s immunization records.

    You will be required to provide immunizations records proving compliance with California Code of Regulations title 17, Division 1, Chapter 4. before your child will be allowed to attend class.

    If unable to get appointment for further immunizations send what immunization records you have available no later than July 30, 2020. You will receive a document indicating what immunizations your child still needs in order to attend on the first day.  If the school does not receive records by the third day of the school year your child will be dropped and required to go to the end of the line for class placement.