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    “Due to the significant evidence of community spread in San Joaquin County, the San Joaquin County Office of Education (SJCOE) and San Joaquin County Public Health Services (SJCPHS) are now recommending that local schools begin the new school year providing only distance learning instruction to students through at least the end of August 2020. Based on the direction of districts and schools, staff may report to classrooms or school sites to provide or support distance learning as well as perform other job duties. All necessary physical distancing and safety measures should be implemented for staff that return to campus. The SJCOE will review the recommendations in Guidance Amendment #1 with the San Joaquin County Public Health Officer in mid-August to determine if the situation has improved enough for schools to begin to offer a modified form of in-person instruction in September.”  

    July 14, 2020 Statement Issued from San Joaquin County Office of Education 
    Amendment #1: 2020-2021 School Year Planning: A Guide to Address the Challenges of COVID-19 


    Message from Superintendent Dr. Clark Burke 

    As you are aware, yesterday MUSD released a comprehensive phased plan for the 2020-2021 “Return to School. The three phases of the plan include Phase 1: 100% Off-Campus Learning, Phase 2: Blended Learning Hybrid, and Phase 3: Full Day Modified On-Campus. Based on the broadcast from State Superintendent Thurmond, updated amendment to the SJCOE school year guiding document, and the recommendation from SJCPHS, I am reluctantly making a difficult decision at this time to return to school with Phase 1: 100% Off-Campus Learning.  

    We recognize in-person instruction is critical to the needs of students. At this time, the health and safety of our students, staff, and families based on evidence of community spread does not allow for in-person instruction for ALL students. Let there be no doubt, we are entrenched in a sustained battle between meeting our educational goals versus responding to a crisis of health. Although, we will adapt and use all tools and strategies to meet our essential objectives; Our mission and our resolve will not. 

    Our purpose continues to be clear, the crisis learning response from this past Spring will not be our “Return to School” 100% Off-Campus learning model. We are consulting with our teaching representative group to solidify schedules and programs.  

    These will be updated on our dedicated website www.mantecausd.net/returntoschool within the next week.  

    This was not an easy decision. I believe students need to see and learn directly from their teachers in person. The research clearly outlines in-person instruction is vital and our intention is to return as soon as conditions allow. We are not closed. We will continue to provide on campus support services and opportunities to address barriers for students including learning centers, access to socio-emotional support resources, mental health resources, and specialized services for our most critical population of students. 

    Additionally, we regret to inform, due to the announcement from SJCOE/SJCPHS we will not be able to hold ceremonies for the graduating seniors from the 2019-2020 school year on August 1, 2020. We grieve this loss alongside of our community.  

    We remain vigilant and committed to doing more. We will support our students and their learning regardless of the environment. To this end, more information about the school day is forthcoming. Thank you for your support and understanding as our County is in a state of crisis.   



    Dr. Clark Burke 


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