See Your Grades and Get Support

  • From 2:50 to 3:30 pm, every day but Wednesday, EUHS holds Lancer LEAD student support time.

    This time is intended for students who have below a "C" in any class to get additional help in a smaller class size environment. Even online, this is valuable time that some students need to be successful.

    Students should contact their teacher for help during support time. Also, some teachers may ask students to attend.

    But how do you know if you need support? Students, you must keep track of your class progress by visiting Student Connect at least once per week!

    Below, we have the Student Connect Guide that should be helpful to both students are parents.

    Parents - Please Sign Up for Parent Connect Daily emails

    Step 1 - Sign in to Parent Connect

    parent connect

    Step 2 - At the Top, Sign Up for Emails

    sign up for email

    Step 3 - Choose Email Content

    choose daily email

    Step 4 - See the Guide Below for more help!

    Step 5 - Encourage your student to come in for support!

Student and Parent Guide

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.