• Applying for a Part Time Job

    1. Create a resume.
    2. Apply for jobs.
    3. Once called to an interview, bring 1. Intent to Employ Form Part 1 of the Work Permit Process with you. (You do not need to have a work permit to apply for jobs.)
    4. Remember, a part time job in high school is a privilege. Keep up your grades and be mindful of your attendance.
    5. Print the attached 1. Intent to Employ Form Part 1
    6. Fill out the student and parent/guardian part.
    7. Bring to the interview and employer will fill out their part.
    8. Return to school and Part 2 Work Permit will be created.

    Questions, please call the school office. (209)858-7230


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.