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    The Student Password Project

    Red bullseye target with the word safety underneathTo improve student account security, MUSD has implemented a new program that allows students to change and manage their own passwords. Students can also enable a feature called Multi-Factor Authentication, which adds an additional layer of security for their account. This change has been rolled out district-wide.

    login screen with censored passwordThe MUSD Technology Center has published a helpful articles with instruction to help you change your student password! You must be logged into your district account to access the below articles.  

    Read more about The Student Password Project here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should my child change their password?

  • How does my child change their password?

  • Will my child have to change their password during this process?

  • What is multi-factor authentication?

  • What do I do if my child forgets their password?

  • Who can my child contact for help with their password and school account?

  • What should my child do if they receive a suspicious email?

  • What should we do if my child believes their account has been compromised?