Getting Online

      • Every student receives a device and login information for their account, so they may use their student email, access Microsoft TEAMS, and visit their Q Student Connection profile. For questions, contact your school office. 

        Student Email Account

        All Students, Grades 4 – 12 will be issued a unique Student Account. This account will be used to log in to computers located at the school site and access Student Email. 
        The Student’s User Name will be their Student ID (A Student ID will be issued to each student at the beginning of the school year. This Student ID will not change while they are enrolled in any MUSD school). 
        The Student’s Password will be the Student’s Birth Date (entered as MMDDYYYY).

        How to Sign in to a School Computer

        1. To sign in to a School Computer, follow these instructions:
        2. Press the Ctrl + Alt +Del keys
        3. Enter the following logon information:
              User Name: Student ID
              Password: Birthdate (Example: 01232003)*
        4. Press the ‘Enter’ keyPress the ‘Enter’ key

        How to Sign in to a Student Email

        1. Student e-mail may be used as a communication tool between the teacher and student.To access your Student Email Account please follow these instructions:
        2. Browse to
        3. Enter the following logon information:
              Student Email:
              Password: Birthdate (Example: 01232003)*
        4. Click the ‘Sign in’ button

        *If the Student’s Birth Date is January 23, 2003

      Q Connection

      • Q Student Connection

        Students can use Q to monitor their academic progress online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

        How to Access Q Student Connection

        1. Visit
        2. Click the "Sign in with Microsoft" button and log in with your Office 365 username and password.

        Q Parent Connection 

        Q Parent Connection lets parents receive emergency notices and electronic school flyers. Parents can also use Q Parent Connection to access student grades, assignments, and attendance.

        How to Access Q Parent Connection

        1. Download our app from or search for “Manteca USD” from the app store.
        2. Obtain your PIN and Password from
        3. Open the Manteca USD app, click Q Parent Connection, and login.

        Parents can also log in at

      Affordable Internet Access

      • The Affordable Connectivity Program is a federal benefit that helps pay for internet service and devices to those who qualify.

        To find out if you qualify and/or submit an application, visit:
 is a national non-profit organization working to eliminate the digital divide through partnerships with the technology industry, content creators, libraries and other organizations to deliver free and affordable technology and training to all Americans.

        Find low-cost internet service and computers in your area by visiting: