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  • Tracking Growth

    MUSD is a growing school district serving nearly 25,000 students. Manteca Unified used an annual demographic study to keep track of what community projects are in the approval process, future projects, and where in our community homes are being built. This allows the District to track not only which schools will be impacted by community growth, but which grade levels as well.

  • Attendance Areas

    a location icon on top of a mapUse the interactive "Find Your School" tool to identify your students(s) designated school site.

    To alternate between Elementary and High School Boundaries click the "Boundaries" button in the top right hand corner and select "Elementary Schools & Boundaries" or "High Schools & Boundaries".

  • Student Projections 2021-22 Prepared by Davis Demographic

    Davis Demographics is assisting the Manteca Unified School District to plan for future student population changes. By factoring current and historical student data with demographic data and planned residential development, Davis Demographics calculated a ten year student population projection. These projections are based upon residence of the students and are designed to alert the District as to when and where student population shifts will occur as well as assist the District in determining how best to add capacity.

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Map showing outlines of the MUSD elementary school boundaries

Boundaries FAQ

  • Why do we need to change boundaries?

  • What factors does the District consider when looking at possible boundary scenarios?

  • Are there any special circumstances under which a child can remain at their original school of attendance following the change of boundaries?

  • Who can I talk to if I have questions or concerns?

  • Where do I go to get more information?

  • Will there be transportation provided to those impacted?

  • Is there an exception to the Transportation guidelines?


  • What is the “Grandfathering” practice?

  • Who does this practice affect?

  • How does this establish priority for these students?

  • Who is eligible?