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    Welcome to Lathrop High School,

    Home of the Spartans!

    Welcome to Lathrop High School, where Education Lives Forever! LHS officially opened its doors on August 11th for the 2008-2009 school year. Our goal is simple; to provide students with a high quality education by using the many resources allocated by the Manteca Unified School District. Students will have the opportunity to learn in our technology-rich classrooms and student involvement in athletics, clubs and arts is highly encouraged!

    LHS Vision Statement

     The vision of Lathrop High School is to be a united team preparing all students for life beyond high school; becoming a place of synergy and energy in all aspects of school culture and a community of excellent: making LHS a school that is recognized for high quality academics and strong programs.

    LHS Mission Statement

    The mission of Lathrop High School is to provide each student with a comprehensive education in a safe and supportive environment that promotes critical thinking, self discipline, and accountability. Lathrop High School strives to prepare its students with the skills and abilities to be successful and becoming contributing members of their communities. 

    Lathrop High School

    647 Spartan Way

    Lathrop, CA 95330

    209-938-6350 (Phone) /  209-938-6390 (Fax)

    209-234-5823 (Registrar Fax - Records Request)

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