• Leaves & Absences

    Important Information:

    • The employee taking a leave of absence should notify the District as soon as possible but
      (unless there is an emergency or sudden illness) no later than 120 minutes before the
      instructional day starts. This allows the District time to find a substitute. When reporting
      the absence, the employee should also include an estimate of the duration of the absence.

    • Substitute services will not be retained for the day following the original absence unless the
      employee notifies the site secretary one hour prior to the end of the normal instructional day.    

    • If an employee knows about an upcoming absence due to surgery, maternity, or other
      predictable/scheduled cause, she/he should notify the site administrator as soon as possible.
      The District may request a physician's statement.

    • Once the employee returns to work, she/he should complete the District absence form and
      submit it to her/his immediate supervisor.

              *For information on other types of leaves, please refer to the Master Agreement.
                                                        *For any additional questions, contact Dona Dodd in Human Resources.

  • Sick Leave

    • Certificated employees are allocated ten days of sick leave at the beginning of each school year.
    • Illnesses that are 5 days of longer require a doctor note. An original doctor note is required unless faxed directly from the doctor office.
    • Except for emergencies, you need to enter your absence in Frontline no later than two hours before the instructional day.

    Personal Leave

    • Personal leave can be used for:
      1. Car broke down
      2. Appointment with service tech for your home
      3. Taking care of an immediate family member
      4. Court appointments not district related
    • Personal leave cannot be used for recreation, gainful employment, Association activities, work stoppage, or for additional income.

    Minimum Days

    • Minimum days are for students. Certificated employees are expected to work their normal hours. If you are going to be absent a full day you need to report a full day's absence regardless of whether you need a substitute or not.

    Bereavement/Imminent Death Leave

    • Employees may use three days of bereavement leave for an immediate family member. If you have to travel 250 miles or more, you may use five days for bereavement. Bereavement leave is not deducted from your sick leave account. If an immediate family member's death is imminent an employee may take three days Imminent Death Leave. This leave must be followed by Bereavement Leave.

    Immediate Family

    • Immediate family members are mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, stepchildren, grandmother, grandfather, or a grandchild of the unit member or of the spouse of the unit member, and the spouse, son, son-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, brother, or sister of the unit member, or any relative living in the immediate household of the unit member. Aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. are not considered immediate family members.

    Worker's Compensation

    • All Worker's Compensation absences must be entered into Frontline. Including appointments before and after student arrival/dismissal.

    Special Purpose Leave

    • Special purpose leave is for special events (weddings, child's school events, etc.) which requires prior approval from your Principal and Director of Certificated Personnel. Your pay will be docked the current rate for a substitute teacher.

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