Leaves & Absences

  • Sick Leave

    Classified employees are allocated sick leave at the beginning of each school year.

    Absences should be reported in advance, as soon as known, but short of an emergency or sudden illness, no later than 90 minutes prior to the start of the employee's work day.

    Illness absences  of six consecutive work days or more require a doctor's note.


    Newly hired employees in their probationary period may only use up to 60% of their sick leave allocation.

  • Personal Necessit/Compelling Leave

    Personal Necessity (seven days charged to sick leave) may be used for:

    - Caring for an ill immediate family member

    - Emergency involving the employee's property

    - Death of a non-immediate family member

    - Paternity - up to 3 days

    - Adoption - up to 2 days

    - Court ordered appearance (not jury duty)

    Compelling Leave (three days charged to Personal Necessity):

    Compelling may be used for circumstances which are of a serious nature. It is not to be used for recreation, gainful employment, etc.

  • Berevement/Imminent Death Leave

    Bereavement Leave:

    Bereavement Leave is a District paid leave. Employees may use three days of Bereavement Leave for an immediate family member. Employees traveling 250 miles or more may use five days for bereavement.

    Imminent Death Leave:

    Imminent Death Leave is a District paid leave. If an immediate family member's death is imminent an employee may take three days Imminent Death Leave.

  • Industrial Accident or Illness Leave / Workers Compensation

    The District provides 60 days of Industrial Accident or Illness Leave for employees who have been employed by the District for one year.

    A doctor's note must be submitted to the Risk Management Department.

  • Vacation

    Classified employees who are 10-, 11-, 12-month employees receive vacation allocation at the beginning of each school year. School-term employees do not receive vacation allocation for their use.

    Vacation must be scheduled in advance and the District has the final determination relative to vacation dates.


    Newly hired employees in their probationary period are not eligible to use vacation.

  • Jury Duty Leave

    Jury duty is a District paid leave in accordance with the following conditions:The employee must submit a verification of service for jury duty.

    If an employee receives jury service fees, the employee must pay the fees to the District excluding any mileage, meals, and parking fees.

    Hours served on jury duty, including travel time and lunch, plus hours of service rendered to the District shall equal the employee's work hours.

  • FAQs

    Q: How do I enter an absence?

    A: All absences must be reported to your immediate supervisor and the District's automated system(Frontline Education). You can report your absence by calling (800) 942-3767 or on the Frontline website. 

    Q: I'm all out of leave, now what?

    A: Your pay will be docked either sub-rate or full-rate depending on the reason you are absent. For illness absences a doctor's note will be required.


    Q: Who is considered an immediate family member?

    A: Spouse, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother or sister of employee or employees spouse; stepmother, stepfather, step child, foster mother, foster father, foster child, or any relative living in the immediate household of an employee.