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    Reminder: Continuation of placement at requested elementary school is contingent upon space availability in requested grade, satisfactory attendance, behavior and academic achievement of the student as defined by the receiving school Administration and Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA).

Boundaries FAQ

  • Are there any special circumstances under which a child can remain at their original school of attendance following the change of boundaries?

  • How often are attendance boundary adjustments made?

  • What factors does the District consider when looking at possible boundary scenarios?

  • What is open enrollment?

  • When would new school attendance boundaries take effect?

  • Where do I go to get more information?

  • Who can I talk to if I have questions or concerns?

  • Why do we need to change boundaries?

  • Will students in high school be affected by the change?

  • Will there be transportation provided to those impacted?

Boundary Grandfathering Practice FAQ

  • How does this establish priority for these students?

  • What is the “Grandfathering” practice?

  • Who does this practice affect?

  • Who is eligible?