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  • Superintendent's Office: Community Outreach

    Our mission as a department is school site support, excellence in program delivery, and innovative results. Working under the direction of the Superintendent’s office, Community Outreach seeks to empower the students of Manteca Unified School District with skills for their future by supporting our greater community.

    A big part of community outreach is this website. We are the primary point of contact for public relations, press releases and communication for the district. Each local school is responsible for updating and maintaining their individual Internet sites here at MUSD, but Community Outreach works in partnership with their individual efforts.

    Social Media

    Another key role is the maintenance of third-party social media as linked below at the bottom left of each web page. Our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube presence is meant to provide our community members with a comfortable format where we can continually celebrate the school district successes. We also strive to interact with community members and address concerns as soon as possible through these social media platforms.


    One of the most fun things we do in Community Outreach is celebrate District Success through our Highlights Publications. They are also available in our Mobile App.

    Community Facility Rentals

    Manteca USD recognizes that school facilities are primarily intended for the education of the children of the District. However, school facilities may be used by residents of the community for the purposes set forth in the California Education Code, provided that such use does not interfere with or restrict the educational program of the District. Learn more about Community Facility Rentals.

    Accessibility Requests

    If you cannot access something you need here at, please submit an accessibility request from the Help and Complaints page.

    Press Releases

    We use the SharePoint Public Document Center as the formal location for storing all Press Releases.

  • Community Outreach
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