• Dear Students & Families,

    My name is Jillian Friend and I am the principal at Manteca Community Day School.  I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with you this year, as you embark on your journey here at MDS.  We have a dedicated staff who acts in the best interest of ALL students.  We have a unique approach to handling and supporting students.  We choose to meet you where you are currently at in your educational experience.  We recognize that the events preceding your enrollment at MDS have not necessarily been the most positive and we acknowledge that, but more importantly, we want to empower you and help you embrace all of your potential. 

    We believe in you and all that you can and will accomplish.  Understand though, that we are here to support and hold you accountable for the decisions you make.  We want you to come out on the other side of your experience at MDS with a newfound respect for yourself, your teachers and the community at large, as well as, a well-developed skill set that will prepare you for life after high school. 

    You can anticipate that the expectations we have for you, will be high and we will expect you to rise to the occasion to meet them.  Our goal is to help you work the program to attain all the goals set forth for you in your rehabilitation plan, so that you can return to your comprehensive site ready for success.

    The rules and code of conduct we expect you to follow are strict, but they provide the structure necessary for you to learn how to be successful.  This handbook provides you with the rights, responsibilities, policies, consequences and school information you will need to stay informed.  Our goal is to eliminate as many of the distracting factors that present themselves in a school environment, so that we can distinguish behavior that disrupts the learning environment.  We want all students to feel safe and free from any unnecessary interruptions. 

    We encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity and we look forward to watching you grow! 


    Jillian Friend


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