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    This workshop will help the learner find and get employment. Learners will identify their skills, learn how to best market themselves, fill out an application, prepare eye-catching resumés and cover letters and learn effective interviewing skills.  Students will be introduced to the most current job search tools and learn basic do’s and don’ts for getting and keeping a job 


    This class is designed for the individual who has little or no computer knowledge. Students will learn their way around a computer and various technology devices.  They will become familiar with utilizing the internet, safety issues, how to bookmark most often used internet pages.  Emailing and sending/saving pictures online. This class will help you learn areas of technology you personally need by tailoring the class to the students attending.  Laptops available to utilize or students may bring their own. 


    This class is designed for native English speakers who wish to learn conversational Spanish to better communicate in the workplace with coworkers and clients. Students will learn basic words and phrases and practice their speaking and pronunciation skills while engaged in discussions, conversations, and role play. 


    This course is designed for those who want to explore how a small business operates and opportunities for work. Students will be exposed to essential procedures for successful business ventures, the parts of a business plan, making change, employee/employer relations, employee/ customer relations, sales techniques,  merchandise ordering and pricing, merchandise display, business image, and job initiative.   Students will create business plans, mission & vision statements, business blogging, and website creation.   


    This is an advanced, fast-paced course that explores different business and management styles and various business models and techniques. Business basics, leadership strategies, & investments will be covered.  Students will learn about the “Free Enterprise System” and a global economy with an emphasis on how consumers live and work in our economic world. The course includes study in economic risks, owning your own business, insurance, banking services, consumer rights, use of credit, savings and investing, using income wisely, applying for jobs, career planning,& current business trends. 


    Learn how to navigate and use Microsoft Word Or Excel. This is a self-paced course designed to allow learners to move from beginning to advanced lessons with instructor support. The lessons are broken down into simple steps helping the student to become proficient in applying the tasks needed in day to day personal use and in the workplace. Textbook: $125 (Book available to borrow for in-class use only.)


    Tired of hunting and pecking? Learn basic keyboarding and enhance your computer proficiency. The course includes timed typing tests and certificates. 

    NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND (NCLB) The following dates are for NCLB Testing:  January 13, February 3, March 9, April 6 & May 4


    Manteca Adult School is working with local trucking operation partners to provide this introductory classroom training to those who want to prepare for a career in the trucking industry.   The course will provide entry-level truck driver preparation enabling learners to secure a CDL permit leading to field training and behind-the-wheel training with a local truck driving school.  Classroom instruction includes DOT safety rules and regulations, state regulations, logbooks, pre-operation safety checks, and defensive driving practices. The class will emphasize safety and customer service, an overview of local job opportunities and match successful candidates with local employment opportunities.    


    *Course may be sponsored by local businesses or through qualifying Worknet participants (ETPL List Provider)                      

    This 80-hour course will provide the learner with an overview of essential warehouse supply chain distribution concepts, basic warehouse operations, warehouse maintenance, and safety.   The course includes 15 hours of forklift safety training and equipment operation; OSHA -10 training, an introduction to computer technology used in the industry and job readiness training. Participants who successfully complete the course and pass proctored assessments are eligible to receive a “Certified Logistics Associate” CLA Certification; Forklift Certificate of Completion; and OSHA-10 Certification Card. Course completion prepares the individual for entry-level Warehousing jobs. 


    Increase your employability! Hundreds of new warehousing jobs are available and the demand for qualified trained operators in our area has risen sharply. Students complete in-class safety training and behind-the-wheel equipment operation. Classes are designed to meet the needs of new operators and those who need to update their certificates. The course provides new pre-operators with the required preliminary OSHA safety training which includes direct instruction, safety videos, and a safety test followed by equipment operation to introduce the learner to the basic equipment function and operation of forklifts. Students who pass the OSHA approved safety test and instructor verification of basic equipment operation including start-up, movement, and maneuvering of forklifts will receive a certificate that can be provided to employers. 


    This class will give students the ability to create projects that are industrial or artistic in nature depending upon the desire of the student. The project-based class will introduce students to basic (CAD) Computer-Aided Design & (CAM) Computer-Aided Manufacturing programs, including the use and operation of the laser cutters and 3D printers used in today’s fabrication shops.  These same CAD / CAM software programs can be used to make projects that can be sold to the public.  Learners can choose between a design they select or those provided by the teacher.  Heavy emphasis is placed on creating projects that are artistic and functional in nature. This class is perfect for those exploring careers in fabrication and/or those who are creative & entrepreneurial-minded and interested in beginning a business.   



    *Pre-req: Makers’ Space 1 or Work Exp. w/ teacher approval

    This class is a sequel to the Makers’ Space 1 class.  It builds upon the student’s knowledge of basic CAD & CAM programming and operation of fabrication equipment and introduces the student to designing, coding, running, and cutting metal and wood utilizing computers numeric controlled (CNC) equipment such as a plasma cutting table and a wood router table.    Students will design projects utilizing CAD / CAM software programs that can be used to make projects that can be sold to the public.  The class will give students the ability to create projects that are industrial or artistic in nature depending upon student desire. 


    This course will teach students how to safely and effectively weld metal in an industrial shop. The course covers basic shop safety, measurement, blueprint reading, metal cutting processes (oxy-acetylene & plasma), machine setup, and GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) welding processes. The class will provide students with a technical understanding of metal fabrication and manufacturing processes and skills with the ultimate goal of earning welding qualifications for employment. Students seeking more advanced technical skill, proficiency and/or practice may repeat the class, continuing to Welding II. Protective clothing req.  


    *Prereq: Welding I or Work Exp w/ teacher approval

    This class takes the foundational skills learned in Welding I and gives the students predetermined projects that will challenge them to create and fabricate utilizing the MIG welding process.  With the teacher’s approval, students may work on projects they design.  Skills emphasized are blueprint reading, accurate measurement and cutting, welding-machine settings, and metal-finishing techniques.  Protective clothing req.   

    (Additional  Material Fees depending on projects)