About Our Clubs

  • East Union High School has some amazing clubs here on campus. To help you learn more about opportunities to participate in a club, we are building on this page a club directory.

    As clubs share information with us using the form below, we will add information about the club here. Students who wish to join a club should contact the people below for more information as the directory is being built.

Club Database

Club Name Advisor Name Purpose President Name Meetings
Advantage Future Teacher Pathways Lynette Hodges / Monica Cabrera Future Teachers Pathway is a collaborative effort to jump start high school students on their journey to becoming credentialed teachers. Every 1st and 3rd Thurs at lunch in room P7
API (Asian Pacific Islander) Club Jessica Temps
Aquatics Club Gina Gonzales The Aquatics Club is a great way for anyone interested in aquatic sports to network and get information for the swim and water-polo seasons. Ashley Graber Room 12, dates vary.
Art-N-Soul Jeff Moring
ASB (Associated Student Body) Jenaia Cano ASB stands for Associated Student Body and it represents the interests and goals of the entire East Union High School Student Body. Tony Rattanasack Every Tuesday in room 2
Auto Shop Club John Hopper
AVID Tammy Telles
Band Terry Sillveira
BRIDGE Benny Dini
BSU Tarsha Taylor Godfrey We seek to educate students about African American history and provide a brave space to process students’ life experiences. Amaiya Guyton Wednesdays at 6:30 pm on Teams
Camelot Maidens Annette Taser This activity is to be a Camelot Maiden at graduation.
Choir Club Gary Fritzen
Class of 2020 (Seniors) Denise Runyan
Class of 2021 (Juniors) Denise Runyan
Class of 2022 (Sophomores) Jennifer Dal Porto
Class of 2023 (Freshmen) Caitlyn Brooks
Club Hope Kara Martinez We spread awareness across East Union of many sensitive topics that teens experience. Melissa Salinas 4th Wed. of Month in Room 3 / T2
College Bound Club John Prieto
Creative Writing Jessica Temps
CSF (California Scholarship Federation) Jessica Munoz
FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Brian Goulart
FIDM Fashion Savannah Wegner
French Club Maryann Johnston
Gamer Inn Lee Tribbey
GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Shawna Zibura

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