• Great Schools for Every Neighborhood

    Manteca Unified School District (MUSD) provides a quality education to over 24,000 students in Stockton, Lathrop, Manteca and French Camp. MUSD works to ensure students achieve grade level standards, feel safe and are supported to realize individual success, helping to ensure that every neighborhood has great schools.

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  • Upgrading Aging School Facilities

    Many local schools are over 50 years old and MUSD has conducted an extensive facilities condition assessment identifying critical repairs and updates needed at aging local schools. In 2014 local voters approved a school facility improvement bond measure to complete the first phase of identified upgrades, including repairing faulty electrical systems, air conditioning, leaky roofs, plumbing and restrooms.

    The 2014 measure was never intended to address all of MUSD’s identified needs and only funded approximately 28% of the needs identified at that time. Many high priority projects identified in MUSD’s Facilities Condition Assessment still remain unfunded.

  • Funding the Next Phase of Facility Improvements

    While MUSD uses limited day-to-day operating funding to keep school buildings clean and maintained, the State does not provide dedicated funding for school facility improvements. Any operational funding diverted to facility improvements would take dollars away from teaching and instructional programs. Most school districts utilize school facility improvement bond measures to upgrade aging schools. A local measure would qualify MUSD for limited State matching funds maximizing the important school facilities improvement projects that will be addressed.

  • Local School Improvement Measure

    To provide dedicated local funding to complete the next phase of priority repairs and upgrades the MUSD Board of Trustees is considering local funding options, including placing a $260 million school improvement bond measure on the March 2020 ballot. If approved by 55% of voters, funds from this measure could be used to:

    • Improve student safety and campus security, to achieve safe, secure and accessible learning environments, including upgrading fire alarms, surveillance and communication systems, fences, doors and windows
    • Upgrade aging classrooms to meet modern academic and technology standards to improve educational environments or student achievement and to help retain quality teachers
    • Continue repairing and replacing inefficient electrical, heating and ventilation systems, aging roofs, asphalt and upgrade plumbing to provide safe and reliable drinking water for students
    • Improve access to classrooms and school facilities for students and staff with disabilities to achieve barrier-free access to all facilities
    • Build classrooms and facilities to accommodate growth in student enrollment
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  • Strict Fiscal Accountability

    A school improvement measure would require strict accountability provisions, including:

    • An independent citizens’ oversight committee and mandatory annual audits to ensure funds are spent as authorized
    • No money may be used for administrator salaries or pensions
    • All funds must stay local in MUSD schools, no funds can be taken by the State
    • If approved, this measure would cost property owners no more than $60 per $100,000 of assessed value (not market value) per year.
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