• Facilities Planning

    Updating Our Facilities Plan

    See our Updated 5-10 Year Plan Website

    We want to empower you to quickly find the information you need regarding how we plan and fund our facilities. On this page, you will find commonly requested information to download regarding active facilities projects.

    Above, you will also find our special website presentation discussing facilities funding, Board of Trustees priorities, where we have been in recent years of school facilities projects and where our plans lead us into the future.

    Further down the page, you will information below about Community Facilities Districts (CFDs) that explain how our facilities are funded. This includes a map and frequently asked questions.

    Developer Fees

    As of December 10, 2018, the rates are:

    • Residential:  $3.79 per square foot
    • Commercial / Industrial: $0.61 per square foot
    • Senior Housing: $0.61 per square foot

    For more information on Developer Fees, please contact Daniel Yanez, in the facilities planning department.

  • Mission Statement

    The Mission of the Manteca Unified School District Facilities and Operations Team is to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment. Our aim is to ensure the quality of the school's buildings, the surrounding grounds, and the overall cleanliness is consistent across the entire facility.