• Sierra High Grad Requirements


    A minimum of 275 credits is required for students to earn a high school diploma. Semester courses are worth five credits each. Term courses, which are comprised of two continuous semesters, are worth ten credits each.

    English (4 Years/40 credits): English I, II, III and IV

    Mathematics (3 Years/30 credits):
    • 20 credits in mathematics department
    • 10 elective credits of math in either the mathematics department or approved elective courses that must be taken during junior or senior year
    • Equivalent of Algebra I to meet or exceed State Standards

    Social Science (3 Years/30 credits):
    • 10 credits in World History/AP European History
    • 10 credits in U.S. History
    • 5 credits in American Government
    • 5 credits in Economics

    Science (2 years):
    • 10 credits in Life Science
    • 10 credits in Physical Science

    Physical Education (4 years/40 credits)
    • 4 years required unless the pupil has been exempted pursuant to Board Policy 6178.2

    Health (5 credits)

    Fine Arts or World Languages (10 credits)

    Electives (120 credits)