Course Selections

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    Welcome to Course Selections, or where you register for classes for next year!

    Senior, Junior, and Sophomore Course Selections are due by March 12.
    Freshman Course Selection is due by March 26.


    Counseling Q &A Session - March 3, 2:45 pm to 3:15 pm

    Mis Lori Pellegrino-Jackson will be presenting this meeting on behalf of the counseling dept a Q & A session regarding course selection for next year.  All East Union students are welcome!

    Join the Meeting!


    To do this process, we use a few simple steps:

    1. Watch the video for your grade next year
    2. Begin in Part 1.
    3. Download the correct PDF form below. Choose the one for NEXT year's classes.
    4. Fill out the form with your selected courses.
    5. Save YOUR PDF file that has YOUR information marked.
    6. Submit your form using Part 2 below. As you do, be sure to select YOUR counselor. If you do not know who that is, please look it up on Student Connect before you submit it.
    7. If you need help AFTER watching, please email or Teams message your counselor.

    Note: if you have any questions, please use the High School Course Catalog at the bottom of the page—in the Common Downloads section—to understand what a class is about.

    We STRONGLY recommend that you carefully watch the video prepared for BEFORE you begin the process.

Videos and Presentations.

Part 1 - Download Course Selection form.