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Horizon to High School

As 8th grade students look toward their Horizon to High School, they must complete their 8th Grade Celebration Requirements. These expectations are designed to help pave a pathway to success on their way to high school and beyond.

8th Grade Celebration Requirements

Planning For Freshman Year

In Manteca Unified, we set students up for ultimate success by ensuring they are prepared for whichever path they choose after high school.

As students journey through high school, parents and guardians should know how their child is being prepared for college and careers and how they can help support them from home. 

Students meet with counselor at freshman orientation at Lathrop High.

Click below to learn about 8th Grade Parent Nights, visits from academic counselors, and planning your child's first year of high school.

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Outlined below are a few things to expect in the coming weeks and months:

8th Grade Parent night
January or early February

Students will receive an invitation with a specific date. Both students and their families are highly encouraged to attend this in-person event, which will include information about classes, campus culture, expectations, extracurricular activities and more!

Counselors First Visit

Students will be given a "Class ballot" which is a listing of school-specified freshman classes that they can enroll in. During this event, students are handed a “Course Catalog" which lists Manteca Unified's class offerings. Students and families are encouraged to review the catalog to select courses that are school-specific. 

If your child plans to attend a four-year university, view the college-approved “A-G” requirements here!

Counselors Second Visit
Late February or early March

Each year, following Winter Break, counselors from each traditional high school visit elementary sites in their boundary area to discuss classes and opportunities.

Counselors will answer any questions and help select an educational pathway for every student. We believe every student has a pathway whether it’s education, employment, and/or enlistment! During this 1-on-1 meeting, students will enroll in freshman classes. Families will be invited to this meeting and are encouraged to attend!

“High School is an exhilarating time! Students make new friends, establish supportive relationships with teachers and staff, try new things, and get to become part of a loving and spirited high school community!”

- Lisa Wilson, Lathrop High School Counselor

πŸ—ΊοΈ Roadmap

This Horizon to High School Roadmap will help students work to achieve grade-level standards and feel safe and supported while on their way to success.

Click below to explore the Roadmap.

Call to Get Connected with Your High School's Counseling Office

East Union High School- (209) 858-7270

Lathrop High School- (209) 938-6350

Manteca High School- (209) 825-7340

Sierra High School- (209) 825-7410

Weston Ranch High School- (209) 938-6245

View the High School Course Catalog