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Bell Schedules

Our updated bell schedules for the 2024/2025 school year are here! You may find your school’s bell schedule attached as a link below.  

Every year, schools have the opportunity to tailor their schedules to better serve the needs of students and staff, considering many factors. Any changes to the bell schedule have been made with students’ best interests in mind.  

One exciting change this year is the implementation of a full-day kindergarten program at all elementary schools! This change is taking place district-wide and was planned for as part of the District’s UPK- 3rd grade alignment plan.

Additionally, some elementary schools have chosen to bring back Early Release Wednesdays, a decision that followed many weeks of planning and discussions with teachers, who advocated for schedule refinement. At these elementary schools, Wednesday afternoons will become minimum days for students and serve as designated Professional Development time for staff.

Please note that each school in Manteca Unified establishes their annual bell schedule in response to the needs of their unique students and school communities. As such, some schools will not be transitioning to an Early Release Wednesday schedule.