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Dress Code

Three students turned around smiling, the rest of their class in the background

Dress Code Policy

Manteca Unified School District’s Board of Education believes that appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a positive school environment. The dress code has been established following the basic principle that certain body parts must be covered at all times for a safe and effective learning environment.

An equitable, gender-neutral, and non-discriminatory dress code is critical to our goal to create a school community where every student feels comfortable and valued. 

Our dress code aims to be inclusive and fair and applies to all students without any gender-specific or discriminatory requirements. This means that the guidelines are the same for everyone, regardless of their gender identity or background.

Our Goal: A safe and effective learning environment where every student feels comfortable and valued.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Talking to your student about the purpose of a dress code
  • Discussing the consequences of violating the dress code
  • If requested, providing your child with a change of clothes

Student Responsibilities

  • Learn the dress code policy
  • Comply with reasonable staff requests
  • Be respectful


With dress code enforcement in Manteca Unified, students, parents, and staff can expect:
  • Minimal loss of class time 
  • Consistent enforcement
  • Expectations clearly and frequently communicated with students
  • Immediate action for extreme violations, health, or safety hazards
  • Parent/guardian notification of violation and outcome
Students can expect dress code enforcement to be...
  1. Discreet: When practical, violations will not be addressed during class time or in front of other students.
  2. Specific: Students will be informed of exactly what is not in compliance.
  3. Without Physical Contact: Students’ personal space will be respected.

Intervention Procedures

As a District, collectively, our interventions for dress code violations must be preventative and educational. In addition, any discipline that shall arise from dress code violations shall have minimal loss of instructional time. Interventions will vary with violation severity and number of repeated offenses and can include:

  • Student/teacher conference
  • Parent conference
  • Student asked to wear alternative or borrowed clothing
  • Warning Letters
  • Counseling
  • Detention and more



Board Policy 5132

Dress Code Flyer

What to Expect with Dress Code Enforcement: English  |  Spanish