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Standards-Based Report Cards

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There is an exciting change coming to report cards in the 2024-2025 school year!

After much research and planning, Manteca Unified has developed Standards-Based Report Cards for students in Transitional Kindergarten (TK) - 6th grade. This change is important as it supports our mission of providing every student with an equitable opportunity to learn and be successful, no matter who they are or where they go to school.  

Over the past three years, the Manteca Unified Reporting Committee made up of teachers, principals, and district administrators, worked together to develop the new standards-based reporting system. As part of our process, the new report cards were tested in selected classrooms across the district during the 2023-2024 school year. Known as a pilot program, it included about 3,200 families and 110 TK-6 teachers who adopted the system early.

We are thrilled to begin full implementation across the district this fall!

Why Standards-Based Report Cards? 

The traditional grading system, which uses letter grades from A-F, can sometimes leave out important details, such as understanding your child’s academic strengths, or how your child can improve. Traditional grading focuses on several scores from tests and assignments but does not tell parents which skills their child has mastered. For example, reporting that a student earned a "C" in math does not help a student or their parents know what they can or cannot do. 

Our new report card provides clear communication about the exact learning goals students are expected to achieve in their grade level. For example, it’s much clearer to report that a student earned a “Proficient” mark in multiplying and dividing fractions.  

In other words, instead of focusing on percentages or points, standards-based reporting focuses on how well your child understands the material versus their ability to earn points.

With the new report cards, we believe that your understanding of what is expected of your child and how well they are progressing is very important. This clarity will help parents and caretakers to support their child's learning more effectively. 

MUSD TK-6 Proficiency Scale

Teachers will use the following proficiency scale marks and descriptions on the report card to communicate student progress toward meeting essential grade level standards for all subject areas.

Exceeded (EX) Student has demonstrated mastery of grade level standards and is able to extend and apply concepts with a greater depth of understanding to new situations.
Proficient (PR) Student Demonstrates mastery of grade level standards.

Approaching (AP)

Student shows basic understanding and is progressing toward mastery of the grade level standard.
Beginning (BE) Student is beginning to demonstrate understanding by is not yet meeting grade level standards.
Insufficient (IN) Student has not demonstrated enough evidence to assess the grade level standards.

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