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Standards-Based Report Cards

During the 2023-24 school year, Manteca Unified School District will be piloting a standards-based report card in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade in select classrooms. A committee of teachers, specialists, administrators, and members of the district’s technology department worked diligently to create this new standards-based report card. The new report card is comprehensive and detailed in the way it reflects each child’s progress.  It will assist parents/guardians and educators in identifying both strengths and areas of growth. The expectation is that this new reporting system will be used as a tool to improve student growth over time by promoting more personalized learning for every child. Once the pilot is completed and refinements made, all Transitional Kindergarten through sixth grade teachers will implement the new standards-based report card beginning the 2024-25 school year. 

Purpose of a Standards Based Report Card (SBRC)
This webpage is designed to assist parents in gaining a greater understanding of Manteca Unified’ s Kindergarten through Sixth Grade standards-based report card.

Manteca Unified School District has adopted base curriculum, supplemental supports and assessments that directly align with the Common Core State Standards.

Under each standard, the district has identified specific grade-level expectations. A standards-based report card lists the most important skills students should learn in each subject at a particular grade level.

The standards-based report card reflects the expectations embedded within the district’s curriculum and assessments. This tool is designed to demonstrate your child’s current level of performance in comparison to a common standard, thus allowing parents to better understand how their child is performing relative to identified grade-level expectations.

MUSD K-6 Proficiency Scale

Teachers will use the following proficiency scale marks and descriptions on the report card to communicate student progress toward meeting essential grade level standards for all content areas.

Exceeded (EX) Student has demonstrated mastery of grade level standards and is able to extend and apply concepts with a greater depth of understanding to new situations.
Proficient (PR) Student Demonstrates mastery of grade level standards.

Approaching (AP)

Student shows basic understanding and is progressing toward mastery of the grade level standard.
Beginning (BE) Student is beginning to demonstrate understanding by is not yet meeting grade level standards.
Insufficient (IN) Student has not demonstrated enough evidence to assess the grade level standards.


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