Frequently Asked Questions

Community Eligibility Program

  • What is the Community Eligibility Program?

  • How are schools selected to participate in CEP?

  • What type of paperwork is required from these eligible schools?

  • How will survey forms be distributed and collected?

  • If my school is eligible for CEP this year, will it change next school year?

  • What meal will the student receive?

  • How will each meal be tracked?

  • Can adults/teachers participate in the school meal program?

  • What if the student transitions out of a CEP site?

Device Care and Access

  • Can district policy match Ed Code 17453.1 and have the devices be optional?

  • Do students have to bring the devices home?

  • How will Special Education children access their devices?

  • What does California Ed Code say about lost or damaged instructional materials?

  • What happens if a child loses the device?

  • What happens if the device is damaged or broken at home?

  • What is the maximum amount a parent will be charged out-of-pocket for this device?

  • Who is responsible for charging the device?

  • Will my child get a replacement device?

Software and Learning

  • Are all student textbooks going to eventually be on the device?

  • Can students be given assignments that require the use of the device?

  • How do I get my Parent Connect Pin and Password?

  • How do I learn to use OneNote?


  • Can a student change their login password?

  • How do I get my transcript?

  • How do I sign up for a consumer Microsoft account?

  • What if a student needs tech support when not at school?