• The Mark Highlights

      November 2022

      • MUSD's Superintendent Leads Education on a Global Scale
      • Watch: Third Graders Attend AgVenture
      • Classroom Furniture Refresh

      October 2022

      • The Role of Instructional Support Specialists in Manteca Unified - An Interview with Mellissa Schmitz
      • Watch: Visual and Performing Arts in MUSD
      • Watch: Fire Safety in MUSD

      September 2022

      • A Place for Teachers to Grow: Professional Learning Communities in MUSD
      • Watch: Expanded Learning Opportunities in MUSD
      • Watch: Thank You Custodians!

      August 2022

      • MAP-ing Student Success With Map Assessments & Goal Setting
      • More Than Just a Backpack
      • Positive Behaviors Prevent Learning Barriers at MUSD