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Welcome to the Manteca Unified School District, where our commitment to using measurable, and aligned data so that all students can work to achieve academic and individual success is at the forefront of every decision!

At MUSD, we are dedicated to fostering an educational environment where every student has the opportunity to achieve grade level standards, feel safe, and receive the support needed to realize their individual potential.

Ultimately, MUSD’s focus remains fixed on improving student outcomes: one student, one standard, and one lesson at a time.

We believe that by prioritizing the needs of our students, we can remove learning barriers and cultivate an equitable community where academic excellence and personal growth flourish. Our data-driven dedicated team of educators, administrators, and staff work collaboratively to create a safe, inclusive, and supportive atmosphere, ensuring that every student has access to the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

To help stay true to our vision and mission, Manteca Unified has developed a Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), which is a three-year strategic plan, that the district uses to address how MUSD intends to use every dollar. This makes MUSD unique when compared to other districts because we ensure every dollar has a goal, plan and purpose based on student needs. This forward-thinking process has positioned our district in a zero-sum budget for the 2023-24 school year.

25,000 Students overlaid on a black and white photo of a high school graduation
53.5% of K-12 students met their math growth projection, 44.4% of 1-12 students met their growth projections in reading, 53.9% of 2-8 students met their growth projections in language usage
A gently swaying medal over the text 203 students graduated with a seal of biliteracy
2,743 students benefited from extended 9-hour school day plus 1,071 participants in 433 enrichment clubs plus 393 students participated in afterschool tutoring equals 4,207 students participate in expanded learning programs
625 students enrolled in transitional kindergarten over hand print paintings
2,400 students transported daily overlaid on a photo of school buses

Our Vision

Every student works to achieve grade level standards, feels safe, and is supported to realize individual success.

Our Mission

Through smart actions and decisions, MUSD will work together using meaningful, measurable, and aligned data for all students to achieve mastery of grade level standards in all subjects based on their unique educational pathway in a safe environment inclusive of design, security, and climate.

Three targets in a line: the blue is labeled %22grade level standards%22, the red is labeled %22safety%22, and the yellow is labeled %22amerging students%22


  • Dr. Clark Burke, Superintendent
  • Roger Goatcher, Deputy Superintendent

Board of Education

  • Marie Freitas, President
  • Eric Duncan Sr., Vice President
  • Stephen J. Schluer, Board Clerk
  • Melanie Greene
  • Kathy Howe
  • Cathy Pope-Gotschall
  • Marisella C. Guerrero

Our Students

TK-12th Grade

Students Enrolled: 25,000
Graduation Rate: 91.2%
English Language Learners: 21.7%
Socioeconomically Disadvantaged: 69.5%

Other Students

Adult School: 1,488
Preschool: 396

Student Data

Our District

Communities Served

City of Manteca
City of Lathrop
City of Stockton
Township of French Camp
Unincorporated Areas of Manteca

Total Area Served: 113 Square Miles

School Sites

5 Comprehensive High Schools
20 Elementary Schools
3 Alternative Schools
1 Adult School
1 Early Education Center (coming soon)

District News