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Deputy Superintendent Roger Goatcher

Deputy Superintendent Roger Goatcher

Manteca Unified School District is known for smart leadership, innovation and creativity. A District rooted in history while pushing for a future that prepares students for their tomorrow. The vision of the District is clear; every student works to achieve grade level standards, feels safe and is supported to realize individual success. In order to continue our primary educational mission, we are honored and thrilled to announce the appointment of Roger Goatcher to Deputy Superintendent.

As Deputy Superintendent, Mr. Goatcher is committed to ensuring equitable access by providing the opportunity to receive a comprehensive education. As the recent Senior Director of Student Services, Mr. Goatcher led his team to provide support, resources, and tools to the students, staff and parents within the District in order to meet the needs of all students. Mr. Goatcher firmly believes that given the right support all students can achieve and all staff can make a significant positive impact on the lives of students.