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Superintendent Dr. Clark Burke

Dr. Clark Burke

MUSD Vision

Every student works to achieve grade level standards, feels safe and is supported to realize individual success.

MUSD Mission

Through smart actions and decisions, MUSD will work together using meaningful, measurable and aligned data for all students to achieve mastery of grade level standards in all subjects based on their unique educational pathway in a safe environment inclusive of design, security and climate.

I am very proud of the tremendous progress made over the past five years to redefine what it means to be student-centered. It has been a journey that has required dedication, collaboration, and steadfast commitment to rebuilding a foundation so that all systems can work together to support each student's learning standards.

Our journey started with establishing a culture of purpose and trust. We dedicated efforts to cultivating a vision, ensuring that every division within our organization receives the necessary support. Our vision extends beyond mere words on paper; it serves as the foundation of our collective culture and a guiding principle for decision-making. We firmly believe that unity among all leads to heightened success and fosters a sense of belonging for everyone involved.

Embracing a student-centered approach ensures their needs are at the forefront of every decision made. Through targeted initiatives, personalized learning strategies, and continuous professional development for our educators, we have collectively created an environment that fosters student engagement, facilitates growth, and paves the way for their success in the classroom.

While we have made significant progress striving for systemic refinement through data analysis and strategic planning, our journey towards educational excellence where all students are meeting grade level standards is ongoing. In the 2023/24 school year, district and whole community educational partners will begin to draft the next three-year strategic plan: the Local Control Accountability Plan. This comprehensive plan accounts for every student's identified learning need through actionable steps, services, and multi-tiered systems of support.

We recognize that meeting student needs on a systemic level requires time, training, unwavering dedication from faculty and staff, and importantly, partnership from the community. At home, there are many ways parents can support their child academically. In the new school year, I encourage every parent and caretaker to engage with their child's teacher by asking two fundamental questions: "What does my child know now?" and "How can I support their learning from home?"

Our steadfast work over the past 5 years to rebuild systemically, ensuring every student receives fair and equitable access to high-quality, public education, has positioned every teacher to answer these questions.

We are ever committed to children realizing and reaching individual success, and we invite you on this journey with us.

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