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Community Facilities Districts CFDs

Community Facilities Districts (CFDs) are one of the crucial components for generating enough funding to ensure a fiscally sound budget for school facility construction and maintenance. Sometimes referred to as Mello-Roos taxes, these CFD’s are always established by property owners as part of the public process for forming CFDs. CFDs are the funding mechanism the District has historically relied on to help build new student classrooms and facilities as a result of the impact of growth.  

The money generated through the mitigation program is critically required by the District for new facility construction, adding capacity, and replacing interim solutions at existing sites. Without participation in the District School Facilities Mitigation Program, the District would be unable to provide adequate facilities to house the students generated by new construction activity. A residential development proposal interested in gaining District support shall participate in this Program.  

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CFD 1 (Weston Ranch)

  • CFD No. 1 Tax Rate Average 2022-23 = $547.68
  • For more information: Weston Ranch History of Funding - English | Spanish

CFD No. 2-6

We are awaiting information from our financial consultant. 


CFD Annual Reports

Resolution 16-17 - 27 CFD 1989-1

Community Facilities District No. 1989-1 (1990) (“CFD No. 1”) was formed to fund school facilities to support the Weston Ranch community. When CFD No. 1 was formed, the Mello-Roos Act did not require that a final termination date be set. Alternatively, during the formation of CFD No. 1 a description of facilities that could be funded (“Authorized Facilities”) was set.

The Special tax structure only allows for the ongoing levy of the special tax to the extent it is needed to either construct Authorized Facilities or repay debt incurred for such purpose. In 2016, the Board of Education determined that all the Authorized Facilities had been funded and as a result the termination date of CFD No. 1 was set as the year the final debt is repaid. Currently the last debt payment will be made on September 15, 2033.

CFD 1989-1 - Special Tax Report

CFD No. 1989-1 - CDIAC# 2003-2176

CFD No. 1989-1 - CDIAC# 2001-1777

CFD 1989-2 - Special Tax Report

CFD No. 1989-2 - CDIAC# 2012-1276

CFD No. 1989-2 - CDIAC# 2016-2621

CFD 2000-3 - Special Tax Report

CFD No. 2000-3 - CDIAC# 2016-2624

CFD No. 2000-3 - CDIAC# 2018-2193

CFD 2005-4 - Special Tax Report

CFD No. 2005-4 - CDIAC# 2018-2192

CFD 2018-5 - Special Tax Report

CFD 2020-6 - Special Tax Report