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In Manteca Unified, the safety of our students is always our top priority. As a District we understand the need to retain trustful partnerships with parents/support providers, especially in the event of a school emergency. Safety threats to a school campus can arrive in many forms, particularly with the evolution of social media, and with the support of local law enforcement agencies, the District has an emergency plan in place which outlines preparedness, prevention, response, and recovery to keep students and staff safe and the community informed.​​​​​​​

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Safety Terms and Concepts

Secure Campus

A precautionary safety action of a school campus caused by the potential threat of danger on campus or in the surrounding community. All classroom/office doors are closed and locked, all students and staff remain inside until otherwise directed. A secure campus allows a school to quickly transition to a lockdown if it becomes necessary. Instruction continues as planned. No one is allowed to enter or exit the campus. Example: law enforcement officers are searching for a suspect in a nearby neighborhood.


A safety action implemented to isolate students/staff from the outdoor environment and provide greater protection from external airborne contaminants. During a shelter-in-place, students and staff move inside, doors, windows and vents are secured, and HVAC units are shut down to keep outside air out. No movement is allowed between rooms without escort by safety staff. Instruction continues in classrooms.  Example: smoke particles in the air have reached an unsafe level.


A safety action on a school campus caused by the presence of an immediate threat currently on or adjacent to the campus. During a lockdown, students and staff move to the nearest available room and secure the door. All windows are covered, lights are turned off, and students and staff may take additional steps to conceal or barricade themselves in the room depending on the specific threat. Normal operations including instruction stop. No one is allowed to enter or exit the campus. Example: an individual with a weapon is seen in front of the school.


An action implemented when conditions outside the building or off-site are safer than inside or on-site. Requires the orderly movement of students and staff from school buildings to a pre-determined safe location. Example: a fire on campus.